Carol Bennett at the National Press Club's annual Author's Night and Book Sale in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Terese Loeb Kreuzer)


How to Move to Canada:
A Primer for Americans

If you're thinking of moving to Canada as a permanent resident, How to Move to Canada tells you where to start and what to expect each step of the way.

• Snapshots of Canada’s provinces and territories and their major cities will help you make an informed choice about where to move.
• Interviews with immigration lawyers and Americans who have emigrated to Canada provide real-life, hands-on perspective.

What readers are saying:

"Fabulous advice!"
"Well done"
"Covers all the bases"
"Valuable information"

"So much easier to comprehend than all the different Canadian websites on immigration."

"This is the most thoroughly readable how-to book I have seen on moving to Canada. It is practical and authoritative and has helped my quest for emigration greatly."

"HOW TO MOVE TO CANADA contains far more than immigration instructions. It encompasses a historical and cultural survey of North America's placid giant. Expect to learn things like "why do people in Quebec speak French?" "Does Canada have a Queen?" "How did Canada become what it is today?" but especially "How do I move there permanently?" This book even serves as a great reference for those who don't ultimately immigrate. As such, HOW TO MOVE TO CANADA remains a great and easy to read introduction for anyone."


Publishers Weekly:

"Recently, 1.1 million Canadians voted Tommy Douglas, 'the Sakatchewan premier who spearheaded Canada's universal health care system' the 'Greatest Canadian' of all time. This sort of mentality is what makes Canadian emigration more and more enticing to Americans out of step with their homeland's priorities. In their easy-to-follow and comprehensive guide, Kreuzer, editor-in-chief of the Travel Arts Syndicate, and Canadian-American Bennett offer a detailed action plan for those serious about making a permanent move northward."

Library Journal:

"Replete with all the necessary addresses and web sites, [How to Move to Canada] gives the reader a thorough understanding of Canada's residency and naturalization processes plus a lot of information about the country. Recommended for public and academic libraries."